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Rules of fan behavior

Fan Code of Conduct during games at the D. Omurzakov Stadium

Dear football fans and lovers! The Kyrgyz Football Union acknowledges that you should come well ahead of time when there are matches at the Dolon Omurzakov Stadium. 

Entrance to the stadium will be open 2 hours before the match. Access to the stadium is available only with a ticket, which gives the right to enter before and during the match. Fans under 14 years of age have the right to attend the match only if they are accompanied by adults. The colour of the purchased ticket corresponds to the colour of the sector at the stadium. Passages to the respective sectors are marked on the stadium layout. Please plan your route and entry to the stadium in advance according to the seating plan.

During the sports competitions at the stadium, uniform codes of conduct for all fans are in place. While staying at the Stadium and its adjacent territory, observe public order and generally accepted norms of behavior. Be respectful towards other spectators and participants of the match, service personnel, persons responsible for the observance of order, do not allow actions that create danger to others. Treat with care the property of the stadium and the property of other spectators, keep it clean.

In order to comply with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic and the rights and legitimate interests of other spectators and participants in the event, spectators are prohibited:

- Enter and display inscriptions and symbols that are intended to stir up religious, racial, ethnic or national conflict and that offend the participants and other spectators;

- carry quickly inflammable, poisonous, explosive objects, pyrotechnics, stabbing and cutting objects, firearms, large bags, briefcases, suitcases, glassware;

- stay in the stadium under the influence of alcohol, carry and consume alcohol;

- smoke in a sports complex; - throw any items at the participants and on the field;

- enter the playing field, enter special rooms designed for reserve players, referees and coaches;

- to be on the stairs, in passages, seats, hatches, jump on fences, obstacles and stands.

Spectators have the right:

- enter the territory of the Stadium if they have tickets;

- use, in accordance with the procedure established by the Organizer of the match, the services at the Stadium;

- bring to the Stadium stands and use support facilities that meet the requirements of these Codes;

- to make photos and video shooting with non-professional devices, using later received photos and video materials exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes; 

- go to the stands with non-alcoholic drinks in plastic or paper cups and food bought at the Stadium.

During the match the access to the territory around the stadium bounded by Isanov, Zhibek-Zholu, Panfilov streets and Chui Avenue will be available strictly by tickets. We sincerely hope that the fans of the national team will treat the above codes with responsibility and understanding. After all, the result of the team depends on your support.

Let’s support the right way! Let’s support Kyrgyzstan! Beware of fake tickets!!!

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