Grassroots Program 

The Grassroots program is Football for All.  Anyone between the ages of 6 and 12 can take part in it. The values of the program are the reduction of racial, age, economic barriers between young children.

The purpose of such events is to improve basic playing skills, as well as to promote football not only among young sportsmen who play football, but also among those who do not.

The program of events is divided into 2 stages: the first stage – theoretical courses.

The theoretical courses are conducted by a FIFA instructor specifically for coaches, sports instructors and physical education teachers, who then use the methodology and knowledge gained during the course in practice.

The second stage is practical. The practical stage implies festivals. The Grassroots festival is a one-day event aimed at children who have never played football or who are just starting to play it. The festival is attended by boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years.

Through a perfect balance between games without instructions and technical exercises with instructions, through games with incomplete compositions and technical exercises used during Grassroots festivals, children have the opportunity to enjoy the game, learn to play on their own, learn social skills, and improve basic football skills.

The Grassroots program is implemented by the Kyrgyz Football Union with the technical support of the Federation Internationale de  Football Association (FIFA).